"La Route du Diable" : rules

Warning : Because of the Covid 19 and the specific French directives that are still unknown today, all the information (start timetables, control timetables, or even cancelling of the event) are liable to be changed until a couple of days before the start.Our aim has always been and is still the same : doing our best to allow the event to be ridden in maximum safety.

 We may thus adapt our strategy to the requirements of the French government. It is obvious that the current chaotic situation is not favorable, but we keep hoping we will be allowed to let you live our fabulous adventure "Route du Diable".Our final decision to organise the event or not will be sent by email and put on the site on June 30.Meanwhile, let's keep training and smiling, singing "always look on the bright side of life 

1 The Devil's Road is a road bike ride that takes place on roads open to traffic, all participants must follow the local laws at any time.

2. Bicycles must be equipped with front and rear lights that must be working between 8 pm and 6 am.

3. Mandatory reflective vest or any equivalent device between 8 pm and 6 am.

4. Mandatory helmet during the whole ride. Aerobars and high rim wheels are allowed.

5. The mobile phone must be on during the whole ride.

6. Mandatory repair kit during the whole ride.

7. Riders must provide high visibility (HiVi) reflective bands to be put on the 2 rear shrouds behind the visible saddle supports under any saddlebags, and on each side of the front fork. However, the organisation will provide other HiVi reflective bands to stick on the wheels, helmet and cranks.

8. All riders in the category "WITHOUT Tracker" must register on the club "La Route du Diable 2020" via the specially opened STRAVA server in order to give the CCK organization the possibility to check and control the personal tracks.

9. The departures of each group between 2h30 pm and 10 pm, regulated by CCK riders to km 21 at Glun, at the crossing between D922 and D86. Accurate timetables will be set after May 31.

11. In order to become an Official Finisher, riders in the category "WITH a Tracker" must ride all the mandatory route requested by the organisation and the tracks will be checked live via the GPS MaProgress Tracker.

12. Drafting is strictly prohibited in the category "WITH a Tracker". All offenders (even DUO teams) will be immediately disqualified. In the event of medical or mechanical problems, if you have to leave the GPS route, you can use any means of transport to get back to the exact spot you left it, and continue the ride if you can.

13. Any vehicle, cyclist, support team or virtual base is prohibited in the category "WITH a Tracker". But any unexpected meeting is welcome.

14. In the "DUO" category, the pair of riders is considered as a single rider, and therefore as to ride together throughout the whole ride. You start together, ride together, finish together. Solidarity and friendship are required on these picturesque roads to become an Official Finisher.

15. If a rider has to quit, he must warn the organisator Pascal Bride (+33 618 022 336) as soon as possible. He is responsible for leaving the track safely and must return the GPS box to Pascal BRIDE / Route du Diable / 6 rue de la Patrouille 68100 MULHOUSE / FRANCE. In case of non-return of the GPS, a fine will be requested by the "MaProgress" Company.

16. GPS tracking via "MAProgress" company is a service that allows real time tracking. It is forbidden to turn off the tracker without first telling the organization.

17. On both the 739 and 1420 km routes, we provide meeting points RAVITOS CCK with the presence of volunteers, cars, meals and drinks. Please respect the time limits for the convenience of the volunteers who will be there to help you and provide you with food. Outside these time limits you cannot expect any support on these specific points.

18. The organization does not provide any insurance on the courses but you are asked when you register to provide us with a certificate of insurance "civil liability".

19. No licence is mandatory but riders must send ( bridoulamoulinette@hotmail.fr ) or bring a medical certificate (less than 6 months old) with the mention "Cycling in long distance allowed".

20. Please respect the magnificent nature and do not litter.

21. Registration implies you fully accept these rules and you complete the discharge document that will be sent to you. This document is to be downloaded below and sent to us by email before 31 May 2020 ( bridoulamoulinette@hotmail.fr ) .

22. By registering you also allow the CCK organization to use any video and image of you in order to promote "The Devil's Road".

23. If you want to cancel your registration, you will only get a refund if you provide a medical attest from your doctor specifying the date and the reasons for cancelling.

24. The number of riders is limited to 100, all categories together (with or without GpsTracker, solo or duo).

25. Any offence to one of the rules above will lead to immediate disqualification.

Disclaimer of Liability to be returned by email